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So., 13. Nov.



Partner Yoga, Cacao & Kirtan

Join Adelina & Lars for a 3h immersion into yoga, Cacao and kirtan.

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Partner Yoga, Cacao & Kirtan
Partner Yoga, Cacao & Kirtan

Zeit & Ort

13. Nov. 2022, 13:00 – 16:00

OPENYOGA, Kramgasse 68, 3011 Bern, Schweiz


Über die Veranstaltung

We would like to come together as a group and celebrate. What are we celebrating? Community, friendship, relationship and life itself. Adelina and Lars have put together a small program of things they are passionate about and love to share.


First Lars will guide you through a short series of partner yoga exercises. The focus will be mostly around relaxing and stretching with another person. This will be fun and playful.

After this Adelina will share a nourishing cacao from Guatemala for a journey into the heart where we will gather for a sweet cozy ceremony and let our hearts sing.

To round everything off we will close the session with a little kirtan. Don’t worry if you think you cannot sing. You can just listen (any maybe you’ll feel like pitching in).

The workshop is open to all levels of experience. The workshop will be free.

About Adelina:

Adelina Tara is a Yoga teacher, holistic coach and passionate singing group leader born and raised in Eastern Switzerland. She loves to gather to sing, celebrate and connect through music and movement. Her favorite thing is to create supportive and inspiring spaces for personal growth, community & healing. She uses different methods and techniques from yoga, shamanism, plant medicine, energy work and sound to create these spaces.

About Lars:

Lars has a huge passion for movement. For him movement is the easiest way of self-discovery and if you really know yourself you know everything. His classes embrace fluidity and leave a lot of room for individual freedom and creativity. Most influential to his teaching and practice is the tradition of classical Tantra and Tibetan Bhuddism. His classes are always accompanied by curated playlist and the occasional laugh.

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